Skills Training for Single Mothers and Girls

The vocational tailoring school started 5 years ago with 20 students learning tailoring and knitting every year. Most if not all students had dropped out of school due to early pregnancy or lack of school fees, although these are as little as only £190 per year. Sometimes they are sexually exploited doing domestic work or working manually on people's farms for handouts to make ends meet. They now have a second chance to rebuild their lives, thanks to Tools With a Mission (TWAM) charity in the UK for providing 40 tailoring machines and other accessories. When students graduate, they are encouraged to form groups and are given (leased) machines to start their own businesses to sustain themselves and their families. Women are taught business skills that enable them to manage their income efficiently, and also on issues of personal health, hygiene and sanitation. This has proved extremely significant. We are looking to venture into hairdressing as an additional skills training. There is need for a new and spacious workshop since the one we have is really congested and not safe, especially as some single mothers come with their babies in class.