Health and Safety and First Aid Workshop 2015

In the 2015 we organised a 2 day workshop involving 200 village representatives who were trained in health and safety and first aid and so that they could pass on the skill to their fellow villagers. Most of the schools do not have first aid trained personnel which puts lives of students at risk. In the future we plan to have a regional campaign, training at least 2 teachers from every school. The multiple incidents of disability from avoidable accidents, drug overdose, fire incidents ,choking and other cases leading to death require decisive action to put the right processes and procedures in place to mitigate such risks. The need to strengthen the field of health and safety and first aid in Africa is urgent, as the current neglect creates a problem with disease and disability. Safer and healthier conditions can make an important contribution to poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Also Kenya like many other African countries’ institutions have not been sufficiently equipped to deal with issues of health and safety and first aid owing mainly to a lack of resources and historical administrative challenges.